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3-fields-sports hall in Sonneberg | rebuilding, refurbishment

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Building inventory
Regarding the building of the year 1979, it is a two-part construction body composed of a gymnasium of 24m x 42m size and an extension building of 12m x 42m size. Hall and extension building were erected as dry construction. Load-bearing stilts are made of steel. The hall’s roof girder is a steel space framework; the one of the extension building is a steel stringer construction. Existing roof constructions of the gymnasium and extension building were developed as flat roof with surrounding parapet. Exterior walls consist of porous concrete respectively heavy concrete slabs. Light-bands with fixed glazing serve as illumination for the hall and extension building. Exterior walls are not cladded.

Modification and reconstruction
The gymnasium floor gets constructed as sports floor (sprung floor). Textile shock-absorption is placed beneath acoustic tiles at the interior walls. Two curtains made of double-shelled leather substitute allow to divide the hall in 3 fields. According to present requirements necessay mountings for pices of sports equipment are sunk in the existing subconcrete. The new roof covering consists of sandwich elements with a plastic lightband in the ridge area. The floor plan of the extension building gets remodeled. Each third of the hall receives two locker rooms with associated washing and showering area. Furthermore the necessary areas for coaches, janitor, storage of pieces of sports equipment and technique are placed in the extension building. A wheelchair-accessible locker room with washing and showering facilities is planned as well. Locker rooms and washing rooms have a natural illumination through windows. The interior hallways are lighted by roof elements. The existing facade made of porous concrete receives necessary thermal insulation and weather protection by an external thermal insulation composite system and a curtain-type rear ventilated cement asbestos respectively metal facade.