Architekten und Ingenieure

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Besides architect services BPS BAUPLANUNG SUHL GmbH equally offers engineering services:


  • Planning of engineer constructions
  • Construction water supply and sewerage / engineer constructions of any kind
  • Transport facilities
  • Road infrastructure
  • Services of thermal structural physics
  • Cleading certificate according to ENEV and DIN 4108 / Energy certificates / Energy requirement and consumption passes according to ENEV / Energy optimized planning
  • Services of fire prevention
  • Structural engineering overall planning in borders of construction planning / Fire prevention concepts for new buildings and existing ones / Evacuation and escape route plans
  • Security and health protection coordinator (SiGeKo) - services according to construction site ordinance SiGe-plan / Construction site registration / Coordination and supervision of occupational safety and health at the construction site / SiGe-documentation for future work on the building